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YES, TUPI , founded by Thabata Arruda , is a creative hub

and music label made up of cutting-edge professionals and artists, who leverage their innovative talent and attentive eye to the present to create content (including branded content , live , scripts, music videos, podcasts , documentaries) and creatively manage social networks for artists, brands , events  and projects.

Some companies, brands, events and/or projects that have already told good stories with us.

Novo Projeto - 2022-03-21T131109.376.png
Novo Projeto - 2022-03-21T111920.762.png
Novo Projeto - 2022-03-21T185805.848.png
Novo Projeto - 2022-03-21T125205.487.png
Novo Projeto - 2022-03-21T125518.394.png
Novo Projeto - 2022-03-21T124456.480.png
Novo Projeto - 2022-03-21T125806.303.png
Novo Projeto - 2022-03-21T124745.995.png
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