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Musician, Bachelor of Popular Music, producer and cultural manager from wells-caldense. In music since 1998, he has also lived in the cities of Belo Horizonte and São Paulo, touring Brazil. With the band K2 , which turns 23 in 2021, he released the albums Musik2 (2000), Locomotiva (2003), K2 EP (2009) and Brasileiro Alma Grande (2014), and won national festivals such as Som Submarino (first Brazilian festival). with voting on the internet) and the Coração de Estudante Festival, promoted by UNE and Rede Globo with a jury chaired by Milton Nascimento, an achievement that included the composition Changes in the soundtrack of the soap opera Malhação (2002/2005) and resulted in participation in the program Altas Horas, with Serginho Groisman. Also with K2, participates in the international festivals Grito Rock Bolivia, in 2016, performing in the cities of Tarija, Potosí and Cochabamba, and Latinoamerica Emerge, in 2017, in Argentina, with shows in the cities of Buenos Aires, Tres de Febrero and General San Martin.

In partnership with musician and composer Gabriel Guerra, he composes the songs I'm not in these plans, soundtrack of the soap opera “O Astro” (Rede Globo, 2011), Quem tries to understand a woman, soundtrack of the movie “Sex with Love” ( Globo Filmes, 2008), and Tribute to Gisele, used as the soundtrack for model Gisele Bündchen's international website.

Founded in 2008 the band  Second Department (2nd DP) , which, in addition to night work, works in the dissemination of Brazilian popular music - see the 2018 and 2019 seasons in the Talentos do Memorial project, at the Latin America Memorial (São Paulo, SP) and the 5 years of accompanying band by singer Elizabeth Viana, considered the queen of Samba Rock. He is the band's musician and music producer  Macaxeira , a musical group based in Minas and São Paulo, whose authorial repertoire mixes contemporary elements with traditions linked to congadas from the south of Minas, maracatu, coco, and country music, and which in 2021 releases its first album after 14 years on the road.

In 2020, in partnership with the YES label, TUPI, he launched his solo career based on the trilogy of the singles Alma Boa, Mais uma volta no Sol and Raio de Luz, inaugurating a dive into his authorial work, bringing versatility to the fore. and the mineirity of the composer who assumes the great influence of Brazilian Popular Music in his work, especially from Clube da Esquina.


Photos by Sandra Ribeiro

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